Thrive Classes

Christianity is so much more than just coming to church and sitting in a service.

Thrive Classes are designed to help you develop your faith and go deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ. These classes run between four and six weeks and rotate through out the year. Check out our classes below and sign up for the ones you would like to attend! 



Baptism of the Holy Spirit

This class is A MUST for every born-again believer! Acts 1:8 tells us that, "you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come UPON you.." Come and find out how to be empowered to serve the Lord in a supernatural way!

4 week class starting Sunday, April 1st - 9am at New Beginnings


Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Jesus never meant for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be mysterious or elusive. The Bible has a lot to say about this very important subject. Learn how to live in sync with the Holy Spirit so you can be a blessing to others!

4 week class starting Sunday, June 3rd - 9am at New Beginnings


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