Next Move

Next Move is a two step class designed for you to...

  • learn the mission of New Beginnings

  • become a member

  • discover your spiritual gifts

  • find a Volunteer Team that fits you


Next Move 1.0

My Church

We believe the movement Jesus started, the local church, is the hope of the world. That’s why we think it’s a really big deal when someone decides “This is my church”. At Next Move 1.0 we want to share with you the vision and values behind New Beginnings.

Next Move 1.0 happens the 1st Saturday and Sunday of every month.


Next Move 2.0

My Connection

We believe the call to follow Jesus is the call to community and ministry. We’re not all intended to be pastors, but we are all called to serve the work of the local church in our communities. At Next Move 2.0 we'll help you find out what your spiritual gifts and talents are and get you connected to a Volunteer Team here at New Beginnings.

Next Move 2.0 happens the 2nd Saturday and Sunday of every month.


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Next Move

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