Core Values

Why we do what we do.


All you need is love.

We love because God loves us and we don’t want to keep it to ourselves. Sharing God’s love in tangible ways helps others see that He cares about them too.

Faith is kind of a big deal.

We are believers. We look for opportunities, both great and small, to take God at his word. We’re just crazy enough to trust Him.

Generosity defines us.

We are known for generosity in our personal giving, in caring for one another, in giving to our community and those in need around the world. 

This is not a spectator's sport.

We understand that people’s purposes and talents are realized through connecting in the local church. We are not benchwarmers. We are not consumers. We are involved. 

Family matters.

We strive to create, and maintain, a family atmosphere where people feel valued, appreciated, and at home. As a family, we do life together. 

Keep it real.

We are intentional about life change. Our services are designed to be practical and down to earth so everyone can apply the Bible to their life.


We show honor to God, our leaders, and one another by the way we treat each other. Protecting people’s dignity is one way we reflect the character of God.


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