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The first of many....
Oct 18, 2016

Have you ever had a conversation about something with a close friend, that once over, you began to think of all the things you missed out on saying? You would’ve been talking for least an hour more but you both had other things to get to. Such is life. So you drive home thinking through this unfinished conversation, some of your pandering is kinda, ‘eh, whatever’; but some of those things you never got to say were pure gold, man, like, good for you, you should write a book…or a blog!

Well, here we are. (We know you guys have golden thoughts too; you should write that stuff down!) As a staff, we decided the word ‘collective’ best describes this blog. Collectively, which just means to come together as a group for the same cause, we want to lift you up. We have our differences, but when we join our hearts, our intentions are the same, and we want to keep that great conversation going with you.

We’re going to be posting one blog a week and each piece will be written by different members of our staff. It’ll cover all kinds of good stuff that will encourage you in everyday life as you follow Jesus. We’re believing this blog will help you. We hope it makes you laugh, that it draws your heart closer to Jesus, gets you thinking from a different perspective, maybe even makes you tear up a little while you’re at work, which wouldn’t be awkward at all. You need a good cry.  

We love you and we promise not to ramble. Talk to you soon!

- The Collective Team


Afraid of the Quiet
Aug 13, 2016

Philosopher/Author Thomas Merton says: "We look for rest, and if we find it, it becomes intolerable. Incapable of the divine activity which alone can satisfy [rest]...fallen man flings himself upon exterior things, not so much for their own sake as for the sake of agitation which keeps his spirit pleasantly numb.”

For the most part, we humans are constantly looking for quiet. Yet when we find it, we run to find some background noise. Some call it white noise because we really don’t want to hear anything in particular, we just feel uncomfortable with our own silence. Silence, to us, means emptiness, and the thought of our own emptiness scares us. We are more comfortable with an overstuffed soul than a soul that has lots of room for new things.

On the inside, most of us look like a garage sale at 6am on Saturday morning–no rhyme or reason, just a mile-high collection of old junk that ceased to serve any purpose decades ago. Yet it’s only when we come to the conclusion of how empty we really are that we qualify to be filled.

I love a good meal, especially when it’s something I’ve been craving for a while. What I don’t love is that overstuffed, disgusting, bloated feeling that usually accompanies one of those gluttonous, “eat it because it’s there” sessions. There’s no room for anything else! Sitting before you may be the finest, most delicious pastry, sitting elegantly on a beautiful china plate. There you are, fork in hand, ready for action. You take a bite, and horror hits your soul. You can’t enjoy it because you stuffed your gut with too much of everything else! With tears running down your face you let out a mournful wail, “Why, oh why, didn’t anyone tell me to leave some room, for the best was yet to come?”

Jesus challenged a successful young businessman to unclutter his life. Matthew 19:21-Jesus said to him, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” The goal was not to take something from him but to add much to him. I can only imagine what must have gone through that young man’s head- “Are you crazy, do you know how many years it took me to get to this point? Everyone knows how hard I worked to accumulate my stuff. What else would I do, this is all I know.”

The thought of being empty scared him to death-no place for solitude here! Verse 22 says “But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.” Mark’s version says Jesus looked at him with compassion. All Jesus wanted was to help the man get rid of what was good to make room for what was best.

One of the saddest truths of the Bible-Jesus let the young man walk away. Jesus knew you can’t force someone to unclutter.

Don’t be that guy. It’s in emptying ourselves that we find great wealth and even greater contentment. We were created to be vessels of honor, containers of His glory, and dispensers of His love. These are the things that bring joy, peace, and contentment. These are the things that satisfy.

Unclutter, leave some room…the best is yet to come!

 - Pastor Joe Sorce

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